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Besser Lighting

We are a company inspired by a global vision in which people and institutions are more productive and develop better in an adequate and better enlightened environment, we invest in research, development and technology in order to find new lighting solutions. Our entrepreneurial culture is the result of the commitment we have with our clients and the world.


Represent the leadership in design and manufacture of more efficient and innovative LED lighting systems in the market, offering smart technologies to our customers.


To be the best company focused on lighting techniques in Mexico and the world aimed at improving the quality of life of people and their environment.


Act in a sustainable way in the technological, environmental and financial field, we are passionate about doing things properly and we believe that the best way to do it helps us create high quality products and services that have a positive impact on our customers.

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In Besser Lighting we have the most important international certifications in the industry, giving confidence and the highest quality to our consumers. This leads us to offer up to 5 years of limited warranty on our products.

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NOM Certificate

Official Mexican Standards (NOM), which establish technical regulations that contain the information, specifications, procedures, measurement instruments and methodologies that goods and services must comply with to be commercialized in Mexico.

RoHS Certificate

RoHS Certificate, guarantees the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS of the English "Restriction of Hazardous Substances"), came into force in 2006 and restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electrical equipment and electronic

UL mark Certificate

The UL mark, certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, is one of the symbols with greater recognition that a product meets the safety standards and product quality standards in the United States and Canada, which makes it highly competitive for its free circulation in international markets.

CE Certificate

CE marking is the process by which the manufacturer / importer informs users and competent authorities that the equipment marketed complies with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements.

ETL certification

The ETL certification mark indicates that the product has been tested by an independent NRTL laboratory (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) or accredited by local authorities, under the technical guidelines of different regions, which facilitates the access of our clients' products Access to any market around the world quickly and efficiently, serving as a support to achieve the success of its allies.


DLC® is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote efficient lighting by defining quality, facilitating intellectual leadership and delivering tools and resources to the lighting market through open dialogue and collaboration.

NSF Certification

NSF analyzes and certifies products, food equipment, kitchen products, plumbing and organic products, as well as food and sports supplements, beverages and bottled water, special foods, private label products, chemicals for treatment and water filters, swimming pools and spas, building materials, interior furnishings, biosafety cabinets, spare parts, and more...








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